08 August 2017 – Our outreach piece on eukaryogenesis is out in Microbiology Today.

The symbiosis that changed the world. Laura Eme & Thijs J.G. Ettema


01 August 2017 – Currently at the International Congress of Protistology  (Prague, Czech republic). Will be part of the ‘Origin of eukaryotes’ session, and will talk about the archaeal roots of eukaryotes and new Asgard data, Thursday @14.00 in the Labe hall.


24 July 2017Currently at the Gordon Research Conference Archaea.

I will give a talk on Monday @8:50 pm about the archaeal origins of eukaryotes and eukaryogenesis.

In addition, come and discuss my poster (#58) entitled ‘Asgard archaea are the closest archaeal relatives of eukaryotes’.


13 Feb 2017 – Early career researcher interested in symbiosis? Apply for a funded place to attend our workshop “Symbiosis in the microbial world: from ecology to genome evolution“! It will be held in West Sussex, UK from November 5th to 9th, 2017.

This informal workshops will gather 25 world-wide experts and 10 early-career participants and will take place in the beautiful Wiston House in Wilton Park (